We would like to inform that on July 9th, 2021, the Government of Canada announced a new measure, extending the Student Direct Stream program to applicants living in the following countries:

• Antigua and Barbuda
• Brazil
• Colombia
• Costa Rica
• Peru
• St. Vincent and the Grenadines
• Trinidad and Tobago

The Student Direct Stream program is a faster application, with an average processing time of 20 calendar days, for applicants seeking a Canadian Study Visa and intending to pursue post-secondary education in Canada.Individuals wishing to apply for this program must submit additional documents along with the documents already required for the study visa application.Some of these documents include:

• English language proficiency test (IELTS) or French language proficiency test with a score of 6 or higher;
• Proof that they have a Guaranteed Investment Certificate of at least CAD$10,000;
• Proof of medical examination;
• Payment receipt for the total amount of tuition for the first academic year;

You can find more information in the following links from the Government of Canada’s website:

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.